As the European Construction Institute (ECI) Chair, I am delighted to be kicking-off the ECI Webinar taking place on 1 July 2020 between 14.00 and 15.30 (UK) that is introducing Advanced Work Packaging (AWP).

AWP has been prominent in North America for some years and is now gaining traction around the World – in the ECI we are keen to ensure that Engineering Construction throughout Europe is part of this important development. Currently, some ECI members, such as Flour and Tecnimont, are active AWP users. But we want many others to also take advantage of AWP.

It is a very pragmatic methodology geared toward improving working practices that drive higher productivity levels and eliminate wastage. AWP integrates with other productivity improvement initiatives such as BIM, Digitalisation, Data Management, Lean, Factory Thinking & Off-site Manufacturing, 4-D Planning, etc. and which all fit together within the Collaborative Procurement methodologies advocated by the ECI Collaborative Procurement – A better way of procuring and delivering Engineering Construction Projects. The best results from AWP and these other productivity improving and wastage elimination initiatives are achieved by collaborative working throughout the supply chain.

This means changes in mind-set and behaviours. Such changes reside at the core of the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) Project Collaboration Toolkit. Those changes are made through effective coaching and training. Kingsfield Academy is committed to supporting the transition to collaborative working in Engineering Construction and is the ECITB’s training provider for its Project Collaboration Toolkit.

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John Fotherby – Partner Kingsfield Academy – ECI Chair