Kingsfield Academy is proud to announce that we are now a Registered Education Provider of the US based Construction Industry Institute (CII).

The CII is the world’s leading engineering and construction industry association with a balanced membership from across the supply chain and different sectors. The CII aims to improve project and business performance in the industry through definition of best practices, empirically validated research and the development of knowledge in critical areas.

In Kingsfield Academy we have integrated the CII’s research for many years in our training programs. Now we intend to take this to a new level by also offering training on specific CII project performance tools and improvement processes such as the PDRI (Project Definition Rating Index) and the Four-casting tool.

Another area where we will draw on the CII’s body of knowledge is Alignment on projects, alongside the expertise we have developed in our alignment practice over the years.

Watch this space for our new CII related offerings in 2017.