We are excited to announce that Kingsfield is re-focusing its business from January 2019. We are making these changes in response to what we perceive our clients need and what we see in the market.

Kingsfield is re-focusing its business on strategic consulting and learning & development. We continue to concentrate on those areas that are critical to project success in the energy, oil & gas, chemicals, fertilisers and industrial plants sectors, which is our niche and we know well. And we can support you wherever you are in the supply chain – whether owner, contractor, subcontractor, vendor or manufacturer.

Why? Delivering global engineering and construction projects has never been more challenging – and making a profit is not optional. And it’s people like you and your teams that work hard to deliver these projects. So they all need access to improve their commercial awareness, skills and experience but don’t necessarily need or want external consultants to do their work. Our take on the market at the moment is…

• Investment in people – to improve their skills, motivate and retain them – has increased significantly since the oil crash in 2014 and this may seem counter-intuitive at first…however consider that

• Efficiency, productivity, cutting costs, speedier completion, etc are demanded and expected by your clients and employers alike and people need to find ways to respond…

• Either you or your team can do this yourself or get some help – by developing your commercial skills and experience, or by borrowing or benefiting from someone else’s…if you choose to look outside your company for support

• Confidence in consultants generally has deteriorated and their value is rightly being challenged – you know your projects better than any consultant will ever do and therefore these demands are usually better met from within your organisation…and

• Most companies don’t want to (and often have a limited budget to) seek specialist commercial support with their changes, claims and disputes…therefore

• Our clients have decided to invest in upskilling their people and teams, and provide them with the ability to help themselves and continually learn – which is where Kingsfield comes in

What? Kingsfield’s services are all focused on enabling and upskilling your teams to deliver their projects more efficiently and profitably. We offer

Strategic consulting for senior project professionals and sponsors:

• Readiness to contract
• Dispute avoidance
• Claim strategies
• Case appraisal
• Negotiation strategies
• Project health checks
• Expert testimony – project management

Learning and development solutions for organisations, projects and team members at all levels in the
areas of:

• Commercial, contract, risk and claims training
• Project team & stakeholder alignment
• Project leadership
• Digital programs and Elearning courses

How is it different – from what we offered before and from our competitors? Kingsfield’s ethos has always been one of continual learning, both for our clients and ourselves. We feel that by focusing on enabling your teams to be better at what they do makes us different from other providers. Indeed most consultants have a vested interest in continuing to be ‘experts’ and by selling manhours to you in large volumes. Therefore we want your teams to do the work, with some strategic guidance where needed, and both on- and off-the-job training which enables continual learning. Hence our solutions are extremely high value whilst being low cost. We continue to have access to a wide network whom we can call on for specialist help if needed – so you get access to exactly the support you need, when you need it most.

Who? John Fotherby and I will be leading the strategic coaching, whilst Gabriele Burian and Carl Haynes will continue to lead the learning and development solutions via Kingsfield Academy. Most of you know all of us and have worked with most of us over the years so you won’t experience any discontinuity if you are an existing client.

We are very excited about this shift in focus of Kingsfield and if you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone for a chat. Expect more on our website over the coming months…

Karen Cherrill – Director Kingsfield Consulting