A program to plan, structure and improve the collaboration and cooperation on major projects. Kingsfield’s role is to design, facilitate and coach as needed.

Course Overview

Collaborative working has been proven to reduce costs, schedule and inefficiency on projects. Kingsfield has a range of commercial and behavioural interventions for use in conjunction with the ECITB’s Project Collaboration Toolkit, and which conforms to ISO 44001, the standard on collaborative working.

Who is this for?

Your Collaboration Champion, project directors/managers, project teams – across in the supply chain and/or between joint venture partners.

Program features

  • Design and deliver a Project Collaboration Framework for your Project
  • Train-the-trainer sessions for your Collaboration Champions
  • Coach and support your Collaboration Champion live on their project
  • Range of bespoke interventions to build, support and mend project teams
  • Acting throughout the supply chain or across it (e.g. joint ventures)

We’ve all been on a one-off teambuilding at a project kick-off – it doesn’t deliver lasting results.  If you want to make a difference to your project’s success, make a commitment throughout the lifecycle and reap the benefits of those who’ve tried it…


Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course