Project management is both an art and a science – this 3 day course co-hosted with the ICCPM introduces and applies complexity thinking relevant for today’s interconnected world.

Course Overview

  • Identify and respond to complexity in project environments
  • Recognise and report the presence of complexity
  • Analyse the impact of complexity
  • Develop, communicate and monitor strategies to respond to complexity

Who is this for?

Experienced project leaders operating in complex environments who are interested to add another dimension to their skillsets.

Program features

  • One Introduction to Complexity
  • Two Emergence
  • Three Why projects fail
  • Four An alternate way of thinking
  • Five Diagnosing project complexity
  • Six Networks
  • Seven Systems thinking
  • Eight Viable Systems Model
  • Nine Modelling project complexity


Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course