An intermediate course 1-2 day course to strengthen the understanding and capabilities of project practitioners and managers in the timely and capital efficient or profitable delivery of projects.

Course Overview

This course covers the fundamental principles of contract & change management for the delivery of engineering, procurement, construction projects:-

  • The contract and contract compliance, contractual key terms
  • The project baseline (what has been sold) and changes to it
  • Tracking change from identification to recovery
  • Important contractual provisions and their implication for change, time, claims and disputes
  • Kingsfield’s “7 key factors” as assessment criteria for making/defending major change & claims.  This training is often delivered in a blended format with one of our elearning courses EPC Contract & Risk Essentials taken first in order to establish basic principles, followed by the 1-2 day workshop
  • Overview of claims – including extension of time, liquidated damages, mitigation, acceleration and recovery

Who is this for?

Project practitioners such as project controls, legal, contracts, procurement, engineering, including project engineers and first time project managers.

Program features

  • Participative format
  • Problem solving and collaborative learning
  • Discussion and brainstorming
  • Industry case studies & scenarios, discussion and brain-storming.
  • Short presentations to introduce concepts and outline analytical techniques and tools
  • Application of tools are explored in a variety of practical exercises and activities



Public course (See Events for the UK)

In-house course