Fast, effective, collaborative & up to 70% cost reduction – these are the hallmarks of digital team-based programs. An innovative online format for the delivery & facilitation of essential knowledge or to support critical organisation change where high numbers of employees and/or geographically distributed groups are involved.

Course Overview

Organisations need to be able to move quickly to support critical learning and change. The conventional classroom-based delivery to upskill and develop a practice with a roll-out of a global program taking 2-3 years is not only very costly but simply not fast and effective enough in constantly changing business environments. Face-to-face remains the gold standard of training, but digital technology allows us to bring people together in virtual learning environments where learning can be achieved using a variety of methods – from self-directed elearning to collaborative project work. Creating a virtual learning environment also means learning can be fitted around the job, people don’t have to travel and spend time away from their projects.

How does it work?

We create 5-8 weeks’ program of study to fit agreed learning outcomes. Every week offers a variety of learning activities, such as short elearning units, videos, quizzes, reading, podcasts, webinars, online forum discussions. Some weeks will feature work in groups, peer reviews and collaborative project work.  At the end, there is an online assignment to accredit learning. Cohorts can number 100s of delegates working through the program at the same time. A support team provides e-moderation and any ‘pastoral’ or technical support needed. Once the content and learning design has been produced, it can be run again and again with adjustments as necessary. Instead of 2 years from design to delivery to reach 400 people, it takes a quarter of the time to reach double the number or more, with a cost reduction of up to 70%.

Who is this for?

Any employee group who needs to upskill or change their practice in areas critical to the business.

Program features

Online delivery featuring:-

  • Program of study over 5-8 weeks
  • Micro elearning units
  • Videos, podcasts
  • Webinars with internal & external subject matter experts
  • Collaborative projects, peer reviews
  • Quizzes and online assessment to accredit learning