The Estimating Methodology and Practice course is delivered in an exclusive partnership between the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board and Kingsfield Academy. The course has been designed to provide an introduction to estimating methodology and practice and to working as an estimator in the Engineering Construction Industry.

Course Overview

The course is designed to give the learner an overview of the principles and practices of estimating and how the role is linked to all activities company wide, demanding of the practitioner a range of inter-personal skills as well as all of the technical abilities associated with preparing an estimate.  The course is delivered over 3 consecutive days for groups of 8 to 10 learners.

Who is this for?

The course is designed for both those new to the estimating role as well as for those with some experience but requiring a broader perspective. It has also been found to be beneficial for the development of staff working in another capacity but requiring a working knowledge of estimating (project management, discipline engineers etc.) and especially for graduate training schemes.

Program features

  • Definitions and terminology • Estimate structure – direct/indirect/other costs
  • Classes of estimate, methodology and accuracy levels
  • Factored estimates – in depth data and techniques
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Contingency and risk, overhead and profit
  • Locations factors – productivity, wage rates and currency conversion
  • Escalation
  • Project evaluation, whole life costing and cash flow
  • IT appreciation and in-house data-bases
  • Estimate documentation and change control
  • Technical work practices/job procedures
  • Benchmarking
  • Estimate audits
  • Life cycle costing/economic evaluation
  • General topics – ethics; duty of care; confidentiality; career development; communication; conflict resolution; effective working relationships/team-building


Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course