A customised, pragmatic and participative Lessons Learned Workshop over ½ – 2 days which turns critical learning opportunities into effective actions on future projects.

Course Overview

In engineering & construction, there is an urgent need to improve project performance and results. Performance improvement means changing behaviours – doing something differently and better. Projects offer massive learning opportunities resulting from the experiences of the people engaged on them.

Our pragmatic customised and facilitated Lessons Learned Workshop will turn those learning opportunities into effective actions on future projects.  Workshops can last from as little as ½ to 2 days and can accommodate larger groups of up to 40. The workshop is typically based around one or several case studies which focus on the intended lessons and will have been developed with the original project team or sponsor. The workshop design invites participants to consider how they would resolve the issues that were faced on the project – what would they do, how would they act?

Findings are analysed and discussed in the group and sense-making is supported by our facilitator/coach. In this way, participants do not just passively “receive” someone else’s lessons (which are quickly forgotten and not taken on board) but actively work out their own solutions in discussion with peers and supported by experts in the field for future application on their projects. Little needs to be recorded or filed away (for no-one to ever look at again) because the added value of the workshop lies in the active participation and the ‘stories’ that people take away.

Who is this for?

Project managers and team members from across all disciplines and functions.

Program features

  • Participative – no lectures
  • Designed & facilitated by experts in the issues encountered on the project
  • Case study materials developed from the original project
  • Participant findings & action plans for dissemination