A 2-day Masterclass for strategic and complex change, claim & contract management to improve project outcomes and avoid costly legal disputes.

Course Overview

Lack of understanding of contractual obligations together with the “human factor” is consistently shown to be the primary causes of legal disputes on projects (Arcadis, 2018, 2019). The more project parties and the more complex the project, the greater the need for those who are managing the project and key functions to have both a good understanding of the contract, gain a strategic overview to guide their teams and manage key stakeholder relationships. This is by far the most effective strategy to avoid costly disputes.

This Masterclass assumes reasonable knowledge of contract management and the management of technical change. It takes a strategic approach and focusses on complex/major change or claims and commercially difficult project situations which run the risk of significantly impact project outcomes – impairing capital efficiency for owners and margins for contractors. The approach favours dispute avoidance as a key project strategy but acknowledges that legal disputes are at times unavoidable and need to be prepared for.

Project leadership elements for effective stakeholder management form an integral and essential part of the Masterclass.

Key content:

  • Baseline: Project baseline & role of the project execution plan; key contract terms
  • Time & schedule: EOT, liquidated damages, penalties; mitigation, acceleration, recovery; baseline schedule updates, planning, reporting; cumulative impact, concurrency & critical path
  • Contract & claims: Kingsfield’s 7 key factors as a framework for the assessment of major change; creating well supported submissions that tell a story
  • Project leadership: Stakeholder management & productive relationships, creating productive relationships in support of project and business outcomes

Who is this for?

  • Senior project professionals & heads of functions
  • Contract Managers
  • Risk & Claim Managers
  • Legal Professionals
  • Project Control Managers
  • Project Managers who wish to advance their commercial competencies

Program features

We use a coaching approach in our Masterclasses which means facilitator-led and collaborative learning with peers and trainer/coaches, rather than “lecturers”. This is reflected in case study work, group discussions, analysis and problem-solving. A number of tools and strategies are tested and offered for application in the workplace. Coached by our most experienced tutor/coaches who have held themselves relevant senior industry positions.


Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course