This course develops negotiation techniques & strategies in the contexts of pre-award contracting, risk assessment & mitigation and post award delivery (change, claims, contract amendments) in order to ensure profitable (Contractors) or capital efficient (Employers) outcomes through effective change, claim & dispute management.

Course Overview

This modular course covers firstly, topics in pre-contract which are critical for negotiating contracts with employers, contractors or subcontractors.

Secondly, it covers the context for negotiations which take place during the project execution period, such as contract amendments, major change and claims.

The third module focusses on the development of negotiation skills and strategies.

  • Pre-contract topics: Execution strategy, risk allocation, contracting strategy, managing exposure, forms of contract, collaborative contracting models, contract & key terms
  • Post-award topics: Pro-active contract management, managing change & claims, time, schedule & EOT, dispute avoidance & readiness, management of disputes
  • Negotiation skills & strategies: Scope & context, phases of a negotiation (preparation, engage, exchange, close), influencing skills, essential negotiation toolkit, negotiation simulation & skills practice, cross-cultural negotiation

Module durations can be flexed and might involve ½-1 day each for pre & post contract and 1-2 days for negotiation skills. Modules can be spaced over a period of time for better learning outcomes and to lessen absence from the project. A blended delivery which involves some online learning (e.g. in webinars) can improve training efficiency further.

Who is this for?

  • Contract managers
  • Legal professionals involved in projects
  • Procurement professionals
  • Project managers

Program features

  • Participative & facilitator-led learning
  • Instruction in key negotiation concepts & strategies (the negotiation toolkit) – based on Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation (PON)
  • Use of contracts relevant to the training group
  • Skills development through negotiation simulations and role-play
  • Videos


Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course