Negotiation skills & strategy course for industry professionals which can be run as introductory/intermediate or advanced from 1 – 3 days (see also our “Negotiation and contracting” course).

Course Overview

Our negotiation skills & strategy course is set in the context of the contract, change & claim negotiations in the engineering, procurement and construction industry and is always customised to suit the need of the training cohort – whether at introductory or advanced levels. This is a highly practical course with a focus on results and the aspects of negotiation that really matter.

Topics covered are:

Negotiation skills & strategies:

  • Scope & context, essential negotiation concepts (“the negotiation toolkit”)
  • Phases of a negotiation (preparation, engage, exchange, close)
  • The special importance of the preparation phase, influencing skills & the power of active listening
  • Negotiation simulation & skills practice
  • Understanding cross-cultural negotiation
  • Instruction in key negotiation concepts & strategies (the negotiation toolkit) is based on Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation (PON)

Optional is a follow-up and embedding period which involves support for personal action plans and may include individual or team coaching.

Who is this for?

Contract managers, legal professionals involved in projects, procurement professionals, project managers and any other industry practitioners who are interested to improve their negotiations skills.

Program features

  • Pre-course engagement – key concepts – reading, listening, video, online
  • Interactive & participative
  • Negotiation simulation
  • Role-play
  • Relevant case studies to establish negotiation strategies
  • Personal development plan
  • Optional: Follow-up days and/or a period for coaching & embedding


Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course