Developing transformational leadership qualities for improved project performance in cross-cultural environments.

Course Overview

This new innovative approach to project leadership development uses the latest industry research and focuses on developing the leadership qualities and project practices that are proven to make the biggest difference to project outcomes.

Research has shown that successful project leaders have a set of specific qualities which differentiates them from less successful project managers and drives project practices that make the difference. Developing these key qualities takes time and intentional effort to create and sustain behavioural shifts through a cycle of experimentation, reflection and active application of new strategies. The Program which uses a range of delivery methods and interventions to achieve the desired outcomes is best tailored to the needs of the host organisation.

Our 6 – 9 month program provides delegates with the time and also the flexibility they need to identify goals, try out new strategies and embed lasting results.

Each delegate co-creates a personal development plan based on the results of psychometric testing (the “big 5” and emotional intelligence) and their own aims. The learning is facilitated through participation in a range of workshops, online learning, collaborative group work, experiential learning, portfolio work, and one-to-one coaching to enable them to make improvements to their leadership practice where it matters most.

Who is this for?

  • Project managers
  • Project leaders

Program features

Blended program over a period of 6-9 months including;

  • Workshops and tutorials
  • Elearning
  • Online collaborative learning
  • Individual & team coaching coaching



Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course