Creating and maintaining productive stakeholder relationships on a project is critical to project outcomes.

Course Overview

Stakeholder relationship management training aims to improve the ability of project managers and key project team members to build and manage the most critical relationships on the projects. We cover the project management processes of identification and analysis but the primary focus of the training is on engagement and the ‘human factor’ of building trust, creating accountability, dealing with a power differential, influencing managing conflict and alignment. These areas are addressed through relevant case studies and scenarios, skills development and the introduction and application of suitable models.

While stakeholder relationship management training can be addressed as a stand alone course or module, we are also embedding it more and more in our commercial project management courses. This makes good sense: firstly, relationships don’t exist in isolation but in within a social and business context, and secondly, it is nearly impossible to deliver profitable or capital efficient projects without maintaining productive stakeholder relationships with clients or key supply chain parties.

Who is this for?

  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Managers/leads of project functions

Program features

  • Why we should be interested – industry evidence to demonstrate the value of stakeholder engagement
  • External (client, supply chain, partners, community) and internal stakeholders (senior management, team); corporate social responsibility
  • Stakeholder Management as a project management process – identification, analysis, engagement, monitoring and control
  • The human factor – Relational skills & strategies
  • Foundations –the pro-active building of trust
  • Disruptive vs healthy conflict & how to manage and transform individual and team relations
  • Influencing, negotiating, setting of boundaries
  • Alignment between key supply chain parties


Public course (See events for available UK dates)

In-house course