Bidding and tendering

Effective bidscompetitive tenders, competent estimating set the track for a successful project

Bidding & tendering
Negotiating & contracting
Handover & set-up
Contract & change management
Project control
Claims & disputes
Close-out & lessons learned
Project leadership
Commercial awareness
Digital & elearning

Project risk management essentials

One of our ‘essentials’ modules covering project risk using practical industry examples to illustrate root causes and coping strategies

Foundations in competitive tendering

This 2-day course has been designed for managers and professionals who are involved in any aspect of competitive tendering activities

Estimating methodology & practice

The course is designed to give the learner an overview of the principles and practices of estimating and how the role is linked to all activities company wide, demanding of the practitioner a range of inter-personal skills as well as all of the technical abilities associated with preparing an estimate. The course is delivered over 3 consecutive days for groups of 8 to 10 learners

Contracts for engineers

Contracts for engineers

Contract essentials for everyone involved with construction projects, throughout the supply chain