Contract & change management

Understanding the contract and the ability to execute the project in compliance with the contract are key to project success

Bidding & tendering
Negotiating & contracting
Handover & set-up
Contract & change management
Project control
Claims & disputes
Close-out & lessons learned
Project leadership
Commercial awareness
Digital & elearning
Contracts for engineers

Contracts for engineers

Contract essentials for everyone involved with construction projects, throughout the supply chain

EPC contract & risk essentials

This online course provides essential knowledge about contract management on international EPC projects

Project risk management essentials

One of our ‘essentials’ modules covering project risk using practical industry examples to illustrate root causes and coping strategies

Assessing change impact

This course presents the key skills and considerations needed for realistic assessment of the full cost of change in EPC projects

Contract & change management

An intermediate course 1-2 day course to strengthen understanding and capabilities of project partitioners and managers in the timely and capital efficient or profitable delivery of projects

Planning for risk

A workshop aimed at maximising the contribution of project teams in identifying and raising potential exposure and benefits that could help assure positive project outcomes

Planning for profit

A customised whole team workshop aimed at maximising project commercial performance

Collaboration partnering

A program to plan, structure and improve the collaboration and cooperation on major projects. Kingsfield’s role is to design, facilitate and coach as needed