Project leadership

Our project leadership development focuses on those areas and qualities that are known to matter most

Project leadership academy

Developing transformational leadership qualities for improved project performance in cross-cultural environments

Project Risk Leadership

Project risk leadership

What is risk leadership and what do successful risk leaders look like? A short course discussing the attributes, cultural factors and environments that engender more effective project risk management practices

Stakeholder relationship management

Creating and maintaining productive stakeholder relationships on a project is critical to project outcomes

Complexity in project management

Project management is both an art and a science – this 3 day course co-hosted with the ICCPM introduces and applies complexity thinking relevant for today’s interconnected world

Effective project oversight & sponsorship

A leadership development program for project sponsors and steering groups

Collaboration partnering

Working as your collaboration partner throughout the project life to establish and embed collaborative working practices

Team alignment, coaching & repair

Project team workshops of 1-2 day durations based on a meeting design facilitated by experienced team coaches and tailored to the specific needs of the team, e.g. agreeing project goals & key success factors, alignment, problem-solving, conflict resolution or team repair