We are delighted to announce that Karen Cherrill has rejoined us as a Director, with particular responsibility for pre-contract and early delivery risk services.  Our experience, and that of many reputable research institutions, shows that the root causes of cost overruns, delays and disputes often originate at the earliest stages of project development.  Whether we think of the adequacy of the FEED, the selection of a JV partner, the numerous changes between bid and contract, or the transitioning nature of the teams involved, the early ‘red flags’ are there if you choose to look for them. Karen’s considerable experience at this critical time of the project life complements the core skills that we have in the later stages of project delivery and contract disputes.  She has an energy to help our client teams enter into their complex projects with a greater confidence that the known risks and opportunities are identified and planned for – and that the team will be agile enough to handle the emergent risks!