The COVID-19 crisis is by no means over, businesses open again, restrictions are being lifted and your project needs to restart without compromising safety.

Force Majeure clauses have been scrutinised and contractual exchanges have taken place. But will contractual positioning help you get the project finished? Or is there a more effective way of getting the project to completion?

Join us for a follow-on webinar on our previous series of Force Majeure & COVID 19 in which we will propose that stimulating the right kind of collaboration may be key to project completion:

  • What kind of collaboration are we talking about and is collaboration necessarily always a good thing?
  • Should project managers promote cooperation or collaboration? What’s the difference?
  • How do you kick-start collaboration in the present situation where conventional contracts are in place?
  • How do you bridge the gap between your contractual position on the project and what you really need to achieve for your organisation?

Join Karen Cherrill & Gabriele Burian of Kingsfield Academy and Mark Emdin of Nexi Consulting in this webinar where they will share tangible and actionable ideas and guidance to help you restart your projects in this challenging time.

Thursday 9 July – 13:00-13:45 GMT

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