All projects face challenges – it’s how we deal with risk, change, conflict, delays, contracts, etc that determine whether projects will deliver the typically narrow margins for a contractor – or if you are the asset owner – whether the project is executed in the most capital efficient way. Our mission is to support project teams in claim management and dispute avoidance – we do not believe that ending up in dispute is good for any project party.  But we recognise that disputes are sometimes unavoidable – and we have over 35 years’ experience in providing support to our clients – contractors and owners – at these difficult times 

We can assist you at any point in the project life cycle. We deliver our services in ways that fit the problem, are cost effective and most convenient to you – this may involve consulting, ongoing project coaching, hands-on support, interim management assistance, project team workshops or as expert witness during a dispute. Whatever format the service takes – a successful participation  means the resolution of the problem(s) you have called us in for,  but also that your team will have learned how to avoid or manage similar issues on future projects

Kingsfield Consulting

Project Coaching

Project coaching provides a hands-on pragmatic and cost-effective way to help our clients deliver capital efficient and profitable projects. Our most senior consultants work at whatever level is needed in your organisation – whether that is executive management, project director and/or team members, either throughout the project duration or at critical points, such as when a dispute is looming or critical project goals are at risk.

Our clients’ teams do the majority of the work whereas our consultant coaches guide, support and gently challenge as needed. Clear benefits of this approach are

  • Achieves the desired project results 

  • Builds confidence in the team at critical points 

  • Transfers lasting knowledge to the project team  

  • Project coaching remains centered on the areas of Kingsfield’s expertise in contracts, claims, risk, disputes 

Kingsfield Consulting

Contracts & Risk

The pre-contract stage is all about balancing the project risk and commercial reward, within a contractual framework and project plan that exploits strengths whilst minimising weaknesses. We strongly believe in addressing key project risk at a time when they can be dealt with most effectively – prior to contract

Projects don’t make a profit by accident! In an environment of aggressively won contracts, where both the budget and schedule are under strain from the outset, we recommend that projects devise and implement a plan to deliver this profit – and revisit it as events unfold. We facilitate ‘Planning for Profit’ workshops – for project leaders with emphasis on strategic scenario planning, and for project teams with focus on commercial and contractual risks and awareness

Our contract and risk services are

  • Readiness to contract reviews

  • Planning for profit workshops

  • Risk & opportunity reviews

  • Bid & contract risk reviews

Kingsfield Consulting

Claim Strategies & Avoiding Disputes

During the project delivery phase, we help you turn your plan into reality. We assist in managing change and dealing with conflict effectively, and help with appropriate interventions when a crisis develops – all with dispute avoidance as the goal. Whether we are asked to provide an independent assessment of a project’s ‘health’, or establish an effective contract management plan, or advise the executive team on strategic claims negotiation, this is Kingsfield’s core business. We create bespoke solutions, always with your budget in mind, that place our clients in strong positions to reach negotiated settlements – as no-one wants to end up in court

Our services for claims management and avoiding disputes are

  • Project health checks

  • Dispute avoidance advise

  • Contract and change management coaching

  • Claim strategies

  • Case appraisal – how strong is your claim?

  • Critical interventions & negotiation strategies

Kingsfield Consulting

Disputes & Expert Support

Formal dispute resolution is costly, protracted and demands extensive senior management time. We therefore advocate resolving disputes through amicable negotiation. When this is not possible, we are able to support a wide range of dispute resolution mechanisms, including mediation, arbitration, adjudication and litigation. We are also specialists in the provision of expert witness support for project management.

Our services in disputes and expert support are

  • Expert determination & reports

  • Expert witness & testimony