Kingsfield Academy provides innovative and pragmatic training & coaching solutions to engineering & construction organisations, their project teams, project managers and practitioners to build capability for successful project delivery

Our clients are owners, contractors, vendors and project developers and their project directors, project managers and project practitioners in procurement, project control, engineering, contract & construction functions

Contract & Claims Training

Commercial, Risk, Contract & Claims Training

We are the leading training provider in the engineering and construction industry for the development of these and related commercially critical project management disciplines. How they are executed throughout the project life cycle directly impacts project results. Our training programs help project managers and practitioners to:-

  • Raise commercial & contractual awareness and knowledge

  • Build capability to make competent decisions and contributions

  • Foster results-oriented mind sets within the project team

  • Manage stakeholders through commercial leadership

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Alignment & Coaching

Project Team & Stakeholder Alignment & Coaching

The quality of project relationships, within the project team and between key project parties and stakeholders (e.g. client & contractor, joint venture or consortium partners), is a leading indicator of project outcomes. Project complexity further increases the need for good connections and collaboration between the project parties

Alignment is an ongoing process which typically means helping teams to:-

  • Build robust and productive relationships

  • Reconcile commercially conflicting interests

  • Align on and plan for current project critical tasks

  • Socially connect with each other as individuals

Alignment workshops are designed and led by experienced facilitators who understand the project environment, its complexities and the parties’ inherent commercial interests and who can handle power and group dynamics

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Project Leadership

Everyone is well aware of the high potential for project failure. Discussions in industry forums typically result in a call for “more leadership” in this context. But leadership is not the exclusive domain of a project director with super(hu)man qualities. Leadership is present in all important project decisions and actions – “leadership is us”!

This is why our programs blend knowledge and principles with the development of effective behaviours – leadership behaviours – needed to enact good practice, at all levels of the project organisation

How we address this in our learning designs:

  • Integration – we develop leadership behaviours and relational skills alongside knowledge acquisition and practice development

  • Reflection – we encourage ‘live’ review and reflection on current practice and planning of new actions

  • Complexity – we introduce different thinking & strategies to help cope with project complexity and uncertainty

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Digital & Elearning

The future of corporate learning & development is going to be digital to a substantial degree – whether we like it or not.  In the space of little more than 5 years, the way we seek, consume, learn and retain information in informal and formal settings has changed dramatically. How we translate these new digital habits into a corporate learning context is an emergent – and exciting – challenge for organisations

Kingsfield Academy is well placed to meet the digital challenge. We have developed our own elearning courses, we have our own online platform to host learning programs and we are diligent in applying the latest research findings to our online practice

What we offer:

  • Elearning courses in our area of core expertise

  • Digital Learning Strategy – advice on its creation and implementation

  • Digital Programs – design, e-moderation & hosting of digital team-based programs and corporate MOOCs  

  • Digital Skills programs