Kingsfield Planning provides expertise in the analysis of schedule delay and disruption, as well as the management of planning and project controls to large, complex projects. Through our practical experience we are able to provide clear guidance and advice for contemporary schedule management, change impact analysis and disruption entitlement

Our innovative approach to 4D Planning represents an opportunity to communicate the project schedule in ways that facilitate alignment and clarity of time related obligations


Delay & Disruption Experts

Kingsfield understands the need for clear and concise expert opinion that is consistent with industry recognised methodologies. Our team of forensic planning experts have significant multi-industry experience and will justify and present their conclusions in a clear, logical manner and suitable for any dispute resolution proceedings

We are firm believers in persuasive ’story-telling’ of change impact assessment to all key stakeholders. Our robust approach to the analysis of delay and disruption can also be aligned to 4D models in order to provide a powerful means to align the recipients of a claim to the consequences of change and the probable scale of losses incurred

  • Expert in project delay and disruption

  • Summary opinion and assertion of entitlement, supported by detailed analysis and contemporary facts

  • Ability to represent analysis in 4D Change Impact Model

  • Evaluation of full project circumstances, environment and organisational dynamics

4D Planning & Visualisation

Kingsfield has long been an advocate of clear, simple and effective communications for the benefit of all project stakeholders. Through the integration of a project schedule with the 3D model, we are able to identify and illustrate the consequences of change with regard to resource deployment, work compression, delay and disruption

  • Basic 4D modelling to engage and align the full project team to the schedule

  • 4D Project Controls to highlight and communicate risk to all levels of the project and business

  • 4D Change Impact Analysis to visualise the consequences of delay and disruption through all phases of a project

Kingsfield can quickly establish your 4D model so that you can communicate and navigate the data in a free viewer format. We can also provide ‘intelligent’ reports from your model.  Updating the model with progress is easy too. Simply send through the updated schedule or CAD data and we will quickly update the model. We will also be happy to attend site or your offices to assist with communicating the 4D model

Planning and visualisation
planning & visualisation

Contemporary Planning & Controls

Over 2/3rds of projects fail to complete on time – we know this from extensive research and our experience. We provide fully integrated solutions that are focused on minimising this schedule risk. Our services are driven by practitioner intelligence, our extensive track record and practical experience in order to derive true value from planning and project controls

  • Proactively managing your schedule risk

  • Providing expert opinion & testimony for formal dispute proceedings

  • Visualizing the schedule for use in project planning or dispute situations

Our advice and courses are focused on effective contemporary change management, which is driven by a desire to support our clients with the proactive identification, assessment and recovery of entitlement. This leads to a focus on data and compilation of claims in the most effective and timely manner with a resultant improvement in project margin and risk exposure