In a recent article published in ICCPM’s Connect Magazine (March 2016), Karen discusses whether the oil and gas industry needs to make a step change.  Having been through this cycle a few times now, we all might treat such rallying cries with scepticism.  However, at a recent conference, Thierry Pilenko, CEO of the global contractor Technip, stated that this was the worst crisis that the industry has faced for a generation and that everyone knew what they must do – drive down the costs, and not by 5 or 10% but by 30 or even 40%! His suggestions were about creating a climate of creativity and innovation, letting go of old ways and standards, engaging in early collaboration from the supply chain, limiting the number of interfaces, but most importantly changing the behaviours of the people from the top to the coal face.  The full article can be found here ICCPM-Connect-Why-waste-a-good-crisis-by-Karen-Cherrill

Karen Cherrill – Director, Kingsfield Consulting