The Psychology Of Claims – understanding human behaviour when challenged by adversity in the delivery of engineering construction projects

Join us for a series of free Webinars in which we explore the behaviours that drive the appropriate decisions and actions needed to overcome the burden of delay and cost overruns and so create opportunities to achieve successful project outcomes.

Disputes are caused by human beings and misperception is frequently the driver for them.

  • Employers’ common perception of contractors is that they over-promise, under-deliver, bid low prices and are only interested in making claims to drive-up profits; and
  • Contractors’ common perception of employers is that they award to the lowest bidder, impose unfair contract terms, do not meet their obligations and drive contractors “to the wall” with unreasonable demands.

How do you see these perceptions – what is your experience?

Claims and disputes account for about one quarter of the avoidable transactional costs that drive up project investments, BUT they rarely fully restore contractors to profitability. Conversely, delay damages infrequently cover employers’ actual losses arising from delayed completion. So what is the point of claims?

Well-conceived, thoroughly prepared and clearly presented claims provide the opportunity for contracting parties to address and resolve delays and additional costs amicably and on terms agreeable to both parties.

We are offering the following free webinars:

16 July 2020: 12.00 to 13.00 (UK)
Fact, Fiction & Claims – Being right is important, but being believed is fundamental. How to tell the story as it is (not how you would like it to be) and explaining without blaming.
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30 July 2020: 12.00 to 13.00 (UK)
Delay Liquidated Damages & Extension of Time – Understanding the differences, the purpose of the extension of time clause and who benefits.
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27 August 2020: 12.00 to 13.00 (UK)
Preparing for Delay Analysis – Delay is a five-letter word that is time consuming and expensive to explain. How to cut the cost of schedule delay analysis by effective. 
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17 September 2020: 12.00 to 13.00
Value, Cost and Damages – Recognising the differences, when to apply and the evidential documentation required to prove the case.
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8 October 2020: 12.00 to 13.00
The effective use of ADR – when it is necessary, how it can be used effectively and what is needed to achieve successful outcomes.
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In this Webinar series we will explore what is needed to get on the right track to create the potential for successful project outcomes by exploring the key practical and legal principles that need to be followed and the behaviours that should be exhibited.

Effective claim practitioners build on these principles and behaviours through experiential learning in live project circumstances – every project provides new learning opportunities. Freeths and Kingsfield Academy provide advice, guidance and support in this process –talk to us to find out more.