We understand that attracting, retaining and motivating young engineers is a challenge, which is why Kingsfield Academy is proud to announce a program of essential courses for working in engineering construction projects. These 1-day courses on the essentials of engineering construction projects have been designed to engage and equip them with the non-technical skills to make a difference in your teams.

Commercial Awareness Essentials

Our introductory course to build commercial awareness and the foundation on which the program builds (Also available as an elearning course)

Contracts for Engineers Essentials

Covers all the essentials of contracts – what is a contract, key contract terms, risk allocation in contracts, common areas of conflict and dispute resolution

Project Control Essentials

Introduces the project controls disciplines, their functions, how they relate to each other and the critical role they play in successful project delivery

Project Risk Management Essentials

Challenges conventional ideas about risk management. Covering how to embed a risk culture in a project, questioning what risk leadership is, wicked problems and risk, feeding and not fighting your risk appetite

Stakeholder Management Essentials

Introduces the importance of understanding your customers. Covers the project management skills necessary to build and sustain effective relationships that can endure the tension and conflict that arises in projects

Competitive Tendering Essentials

Strategies and tools for bidding and winning the ‘right’ projects, plus an introduction to negotiating skills

Change and Claim Essentials

Developing a greater understanding of Change – the common sources of Change, how to identify it and the subsequent impacts. Exploring claims as to the contractual mechanism for the recovery of time and money

Supply Chain Essentials

Develops an understanding of project procurement and sub-contracting, including relationships, contracting, and the impacts of project change

Negotiating Essentials

Outlines essential negotiation concepts based on Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation and illustrated with examples from project procurement and contract negotiations, together with influencing skills practice

Active Challenges

A 1-day simulation that consolidates the learning from the previous courses into a team event promoting community, fun and celebrating programme completion

Who this program for?

Graduates and Early Career engineers and other professionals involved in delivering projects, as part of their non-technical development

Key features of this program include;

  • Supports learning towards UK-Spec CEng (Part C)
  • Customisable and integrated into company requirements
  • Highly interactive virtual or traditional classroom deliveries
  • Extensive use of engineering construction case studies
  • Expert trainers from the engineering construction industry
  • Delivered over a week or several years to match your early years’ development programs

For further information, please contact us at learning@kingsfieldacademy.com