Here at Kingsfield we are evolving – Kingsfield Consulting is becoming Kingsfield Academy!

Kingsfield can proudly look back to over 35 years of providing hands-on support to our clients in making or defending claims, in resolving legal disputes, in acting as expert witnesses or in achieving numerous negotiated settlements on major construction projects.

In those decades many of our clients have developed their capability to deal with these challenges themselves.  We have actively supported them in building their competencies in business critical areas – not least through training provided by our award-winning Kingsfield Academy.

As a consequence, we have decided to refocus our business as a provider of project critical training services, drawing on our extensive industry experience and commercial project expertise.  However, we will continue to support our clients in a consulting and/or coaching role in the same way as before if that’s what they need.

One way we have increasingly been providing that support is through project coaching, which is proving to be a mutually rewarding and cost effective strategy of helping our clients achieve successful project outcomes and resolve their disputes.

We are excited to look forward to this natural evolution of our business and to support in growing the competencies of our clients when delivering their projects.  For more information, please contact Gabriele Burian at

Gabriele Burian – Director Kingsfield Academy